Leon has presented as keynote feature, workshop facilitator and seminar lead in person to over 25,000 people in a multitude of organizations ranging from Corporate 500 companies, to NFL and collegiate teams, professional and weekend warrior athletes, and targeted focus groups over the last 20+ years.  His engaging style, delivery,  experience and knowledge in the field of Mind/Body performance psychology authorize him as your professional choice for your next event, conference, and training program. 

Concentration and training modules

  • Growing Through Tragedy – Learning to navigate life’s challenges from an empowered experiential perspective.    
  • Plasticity Programming TM.  The comprehensive approach to a multi-faceted integrated Mind-Body Performance enhancement and character/behavior alteration program to produce a better you.
  • Applicable Emotional Intelligence for Leadership and Personal Development
  • Mindfulness Towards Successful Living
  • Sports Performance Psychology integrating advanced guided imagery and visualization, increasing repetitions and results for success
  • Language Leaves Clues – learn to create instant positive communication rapport in human linguistic interaction
  • Targeted Goal Mastery
  • NLP in Action

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