About Leon

Leon was an early pioneer embarking into the Mind/Body sciences and physio-therapeutics field of study, before it was accepted into the scientific world of western medicine.  Multiple of these modalities are now widely referred and are called  ‘CAM’ Complimentary Alternative Medicine

Beginning his journey and practice in the late 1980’s, the modalities of the applied integration of visualization and guided imagery, therapeutic hypnosis, and massage therapy for stress management and performance enhancement was still considered -woo woo and esoteric by most at the time.

With over 30 years in the space, his experience and expertise has advanced his career and speciality helping 1000’s of people along the way. 

Now as neuroscience and neuropsychology are rapidly embracing these techniques and approaches, Leon continues to share his skill in this exciting field, teaching, sharing, and contributing into the lives of others.

Leon is a published author, & contributing writer.  Achieving successful results in diverse experiences and endeavors in multiple fields over the course of his uniquely varied career, he was acknowledged for his business acumen for the development of a creative start up franchise in the stress management and performance enhancement field with inclusion in the 1997 Who’s Who in American Business Executives/ Entrepreneurs

The founder of the BeliefHack Brainery – a unique, performance psychology, digital therapeutic resource platform and Mobile App.  He calls this his passion project – designed to provide low cost access to typically high cost trainings, modules, programs and curriculum, integrating the power of mind body performance psychology, psycho-neurophysiology, visualization, guided imagery and science based mindfulness, clinical therapeutic hypnosis and autogenic trainings in a comprehensive digital delivery system This multi-faceted brain training program is known as Plasticity Programming TM.

Leon holds Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Health Sciences and continues his Post Graduate study.

He is certified in Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapy through the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, is an NLP trainer, and is currently pursuing his PhD in Psycho-Neurophysiology

Authored Books

‘Success is a State of Mind’ 2009
A collaborative publication with thought leaders Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown

‘Diary of a Suicide Loss Survivor’  June 2022 launch date.
A true story of Experientially Growing Through Tragedy 

‘Personal Power 2.0 – Plasticity Programming for positive life change’  A comprehensive manual for performance enhancement and character alteration with self directed neuroplasticity.  Release Fall 2022


Educational Publications and articles

‘Stress balancing for personal success’ 1998
-A refreshingly unique guide to effectively handling stress in our day to day living

‘Simple Instruction to guided imagery and progressive relaxation’ 1997

‘Basic History of Therapeutic Massage and General Benefits’ 1994