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Success is a State of Mind, L Jay Morton Jr.

Mr. Morton what do you think are the largest road blocks, or the biggest obstacles people face in really trying to become successful

“One of the biggest road blocks is ourselves. I honestly believe that right at the point of success we often self-sabotage. This habit pattern rears its ugly head in defeat at the darkest moment… just before the dawn. I think that’s a true reality for a lot of people as
there is often a hidden fear of success. You may say, ‘This is my goal and this is what I am going to do’, but truly if you’re not prepared for the things that you are setting out for yourself as a goal, if you don’t truly believe that it’s for you or if your certainty
doesn’t add up to what your objective is, then that’s when I believe we become an obstacle to ourselves!

I teach a concept that I became aware of when I was about 18 years old. I didn’t really understand at that time the entire process, but was able to get results that were favorable simply by implementing a few techniques, even though I did not actually understand the internal workings, if you will, of how and why that practice would bring results! I was using guided imagery and visualization at a
very basic level to make some dramatic changes in my physiology and physical body that improved my performance. It was very powerful.

Since that time I have delved into the study of mind-body interaction, have become a notable professional in the field of performance enhancement and know much more now how the process works and how to help others achieve thru it. But with that being said, even without all of the knowledge
and just an open mind to implement the practices, the results were still astonishing! So to your question, I believe that a person can be their biggest obstacle, and at the same time, I can emphatically state that a person can make the necessary changes thru specific mental technologies and practices that allow you to be your biggest asset.

Some people don’t really feel worthy of success or value when it comes to their overcoming or achieving more than what the status quo might like them to believe is good enough for them. That mindset does not help anybody! You need to be okay with challenges. You need to be okay to go
out and accomplish. You need to be okay to be more every day. That takes a concerted effort because unfortunately a lot of people in today’s world don’t get a lot of positive messages and struggle with a true identity for massive success. In fact, they mostly get negative messages.

All around us we can see many that have been blessed to have a chance at a fabulous life, only to watch them implode because they were not comfortable in the position that they now occupy. When it’s okay for us to win, it’s okay for us to work to become more. It’s okay for us to succeed. And… to do that we really have to believe that we’re worthy of that success. It needs to be established in our true identity (unconsciously), and I think that’s one of the key obstacles for a lot of people.”

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