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“Recalibrate your Mindset, and regenerate your Life”

Mind-set – a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.
Regenerate – restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state.

Adroit – Clever and Skillful in using the Mind, hands, and body.  Synonyms:  practiced, accomplished, skilled, adept, gifted, and masterful.

Maximizing your 1440 minutes each day requires a mindset of growth and self development, pursuing passions, conquering fear and stretching towards and into uncertainty, avoiding procrastination and pursuing your dreams with action.

Pursuing an Adroit Life, by incorporating a simple renaissance philosophy: Doing, learning, experiencing as much as you can in your time here- Simply stated, a life where it is a core value and a personal priority to pursue the things during those minutes, that you desire, that inspire you, that you are curious about, that grow and expand you, and that you may dream to visit on “Someday Isle”!   You know… “Someday I’ll get the free time to do ‘x’  (insert your dreams here)  Or Someday I’ll chase that dream, or start my own business, or volunteer and contribute to my passions and goals.


We are on this spinning ball,  for only a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of things and in the words of the great bluesman Son House… “Ain’t nobody knows where you go when you die” so… we’ve gotta make the best of this time around!

One of my take aways from many incredible life experiences both positive and those not so much is… “When the High’s grow to incredible heights,  the lows are in proportion and can, and most likely will be incredibly low – and in both of these times – THIS IS WHEN WE CAN REALLY GROW

It fulfills me to help and contribute into others lives by sharing unique mental techniques, and cool “mind hacks” that can be implemented for great results, peak performance and positive changes in our lives.

Truly… let’s address the elephant in the room sometimes shit happens… many times life doesn’t turn out, as we “expected” or hoped it or dreamed it to be, or told how things ‘Should’ be.

Life happens, no matter how many affirmations, motivational quotes/ talks, religious meetings, seminars, counseling sessions, etc actually take place –  Now hold on! – before you start espousing “he’s talking things like the secret” or “that thinking where you feel everything that happens to you, you brought upon yourself” BS… NO!  I am speaking of something in a completely different spectrum, a way of seeing things that many do not understand, let alone take action towards.

Understanding this life philosophy and mindset has many, many levels before you or I can really engage it as our ‘way of being’,   And it is not easy… it entails much self work, thought and belief re-calibration and adroit skills in Powerful Mind Hacks and Modules that incorporate Stress Management, Mindfulness – Focus, and High Efficacy Visualization Techniques for peak performance in life, work, and play!

I have been fortunate in life to have specialized training and education in these mental modules, and I have had to take my own medicine… so I have first hand knowledge of how to apply these powerful skills in your life for incredibly positive outcomes!

I constantly hear from people who observe my world, “Dude I love how you really do live your dreams”  or the classic response I often hear after someone learns of the different areas of life and success that I have and continue to pursue… “wow Leon is there anything in life that you don’t do”  (which I feel may sometimes be just that awkward moment in conversation when someone is thinking inside ‘I wish I could do that, or I wish I had done such and such’  not meaning it in an odd way, simply not sure how to say “I love that you live like that and I’d like to do that also” )

Of course I can’t and don’t DO everything, but I can attest that if something hits me, something comes to me like an idea, or hidden opportunity, or a desire to learn something or do something, then I feel that it is specifically for me or those thoughts would have gone to someone else, so… I do it with passion, action, and to the best of my abilities.  Living like this is FUN,  passionate, exciting and fulfilling.

If this type of way interests you, I can help you do it also, IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU CAN DO IT!   I am grateful and passionate about helping people move positively in their lives and love seeing the success and giving back that comes from it in my life an in others!

I invite  you to join on this fun journey, LET’S DO THIS THING!  for more information or to discuss performance coaching, or consulting please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.   I look forward to us working together to create your own adroit life…   Contact Leon J here:

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