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“Recalibrate your Mindset, and regenerate your Life”

Mind-set – a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools
Regenerate – restored to a better, higher, or more worthy state

Many people today live their lives in a constant shade of gray when it comes to their emotions, happiness, and overall psychology or MindSet… mundane day-to-day activities consuming the minutes of their lives never to be revisited.

Maximizing your 1440 minutes each day requires a mindset of growth and self development, pursuing passions, conquering fear and stretching towards and into uncertainty, avoiding procrastination and hesitation and pursuing your dreams with action.

AN ADROIT LIFE IS ACHIEVED BY ADOPTING THE MINDSET OF A RENAISSANCE LIFE – Simply stated, a life where it is a core value and a personal priority to pursue the things during those minutes, that you desire, that inspire you, that you are curious about, that grow and expand you, and that you may dream to visit on “Someday Isle”!   You know… “Someday I’ll get the free time to do ‘x’  (insert your dreams here)  Or Someday I’ll chase that dream, or start my own business, or volunteer and contribute to my passions and goals.


We are on this spinning ball,  for only a very short amount of time in the grand scheme of things and in the words of the great bluesman Son House… “Ain’t nobody knows where you go when you die” so…… regardless of your faith, belief, or dogma, it seems an utter shame to pass away those precious minutes enduring a bland mundane existence, with the only hope being that when I die, then I will start to live? WTH??? (pun intended)  This type of thinking and mindset needs a re-calibration!

When pursuing a mindset like this, stretching, learning, growing, expanding, taking risks and chances,  both incredible positive experiences as well as challenging experiences and sudden ‘left turns’ in the road of life most definitely will and do happen.  I had a dear friend tell me during a very challenging portion or chapter of my journey,  “Jay, I don’t know many people that think like you, act like you and believe and create the way that you do living with the intense passion and energy towards your endeavors, relationships, and love towards people… I think that is why you have been fortunate to experience such a vast array of incredible experiences and successes… but with that it seems that when the low times come.. they are relative and as strongly felt with passion as the positive experiences and I know you’ll come thru learning and growing as you always do”.  This insight was powerful and how grateful I am for a loving friend like this to speak wisdom and caring to me during that time.   One of my take aways…  “When the High’s grow to incredible heights,… the lows are in proportion, and can and most likely will be incredibly low – and THIS IS WHEN WE GROW

THIS IS WHERE WE CAN EMPLOY ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL MENTAL MODULES AND TECHNIQUES I HAVE EVER LEARNED… A UNIQUE WAY TO IMPLEMENT AND CREATE THE MEANING OF THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN OUR PERCEPTION TO POSITIVELY IMPACT OUR FUTURES. I like to share this technique and Mindset process as well as many more cool “mind hacks” that can be implemented for great results and positive changes in our lives.

Truly… let’s address the elephant in the room sometimes shit happens… many times life doesn’t turn out, as we “expected” or hoped it or dreamed it to be, or told how things ‘Should’ be…. (don’t you just love it when those people ‘should all over themselves’ telling you how your life is supposed to be?!)   Life happens, no matter how many affirmations, motivational quotes/ talks, religious meetings, seminars, counseling sessions, etc actually take place –  Now hold on!! before you start espousing “he’s talking things like the secret” or “everything that happens to you, you brought upon yourself” BS… NO!  I am speaking of something in a completely different spectrum, and a way of seeing things that many do not understand, let alone take action towards.  Understand this life philosophy and mindset has many, many levels of understanding before you or I can really engage it as our ‘way of being’,   And it is not easy… it entails much self work and thought and belief re-calibration to be in a place to be able to regenerate your life, but know this… IT CAN BE DONE AND YOU CAN DO IT!   I love and am passionate about helping people move toward this way of seeing and living life!

I am daily disciplining my mind, and creating compelling stories and visions taking “my own medicine”  and building my tribe, and relationship associations with many that love and support me as I them in return…, we are able to continue to live life to the fullest pursuing new goals, dreams, passions, and love towards family friends and others.

I’d like to invited you to join on this life journey, LET’S DO THIS THING!  Please enjoy these free resources and information and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can help or to learn more about us working together to create your own adroit life…   Contact L Jay here:

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