Designated as a Master Masseur, exceeding 20,000 hours of professional hands on practice over 25 years, with a clientele ranging from the lay person to NFL Detroit Lions, Super Bowl Champion athletes, Executives, and weekend warrior sports enthusiasts, Leon’s unique approach, technique and touch continues to provide his clients the benefits and overall feeling of well-being and health from their sessions.

Leon has created custom therapeutic regimens that allow for maximized benefits both in the body, mind, and experiential physical performance. 

MIND Work & Cognitive Therapeutics, through Plasticity Programming TM.

Specializing in visualization, guided imagery, medically based Clincial Therapeutic Hypnosis, NLP, performance psychology, and autogenics,  these customized programs enhance performance in cognitive executive functioning performance, sport and physical performance, communication and relational rapport, and can be tailored to any area of life where improvement and character/pattern alteration are desired.  These programs blend progressive relaxation, well-being through science based mindfulness training modules, Plasticity programming TM. (brain training) as well as peak performance, personal growth for those people that simply want more and desire to continue to improve in their careers, relationships, and endeavors.


Utilizing a blend of relaxation and physical massage techniques with the mental rehearsal strategies for performance enhancement, health enhancement and behavior alteration, increases the overall outcomes exponentially maximizing the proven benefits of Mind/Body interaction, healing and a cognitive enhancement experience.

Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement – Swedish Therapy inducing overall wellness, relaxation and just downright feel-good stuff!

Neuromuscular Therapy

Soft Tissue Manipulation that is medically oriented, and focused on treating the underlying causes of chronic pain. Trigger point therapy, Nerve and rhythmic compression – Postural and biomechanical issues, and circulation

Deep Tissue Therapy

Spot specific relief, painful stiff areas, chronic spasm and inflamed muscular areas, L. Jay brings incredible relief by using slow, focused pressure on layers of tendons, muscles, fascia, under the skin to bring about relief and speeded healing to areas that are chronic patterns of tension, muscle injury, and more

Treatment sessions available:

30 minute Back, Neck, and spot physical massage therapy
60 minute Full Body  * a maximum additional 30 minutes available upon request for applicable situations.
An Integrated guided imagery and progressive relaxation experience can be added to any of the bodywork sessions**

Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Medical Hypnotherapy sessions:

Professional Performance Enhancement Visualization 1-on-1 sessions:

30-60 Minute progressive relaxation and visualization for peak performance enhancement *(this treatment includes face and scalp massage and full body progressive relaxation technique)

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